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Get'cha Head in the Game


Naughton Gallery - May 2017 - Belfast

Robert Crumb / Michael DeForge / Brian Finke / Riikka Hyvönen / Lilian Martinez (BFGF) /  Dougal McKenzie / Sean O’Connor / Paul Pfeiffer / Jody Rogac / Tom of Finland / Keenan Wells



Get’cha Head in the Game is an international group exhibition which explores the relationship between art and sport. From American football, tennis and basketball to skiing, weightlifting and roller derby, the exhibition champions sport and its players through various media.

Featuring work by sports photographers and artists who have been influenced by sport or who incorporate sports iconography into their work, Get’cha Head in the Game ultimately tackles larger cultural topics including politics, gender, race, sexuality and identity.

The exhibition also presents a selection of independent sports publications, with contributions from FRANCHISE magazine, SEASON zine, SPRTS periodical, and Victory Journal.